Donna Dodson is a Creativepreneur Business Strategist, Lead Furniture Artist, and CEO of Do Dodson Designs. Since being handed her first paintbrush as a child, Donna has spent her life painting. Self-taught and with a natural talent for deconstructing and replicating paint finishes, Donna took her passion for furniture painting and started a blog showcasing her talents and teaching others to do the same.

In 2016, Donna retired from her nursing career of 33 years and expanded her blog into a full-time business. With her expertise and gift for artistry, Donna teaches furniture painters her Art of Painting Method so that they can advance their technique and learn how to be more confident in their DIY creations.

Also, known for teaching and encouraging creatives to find and monetize their passion, Donna is now offering to share her signature Paintbrush to Profit System, with others in the furniture-painting and craft industries to help creative business owners market their products online, adding new revenue streams, and increasing their profits.