When John was just a child he accompanied his Father, John B. Darroch as he built and sold his amazing new HVLP turbo spray systems. This new technology quickly caught on, as finishers who had been tediously brushing or making a mess with high pressure sprayers, were impressed by this new technology. Apollo Sprayers, Int’l quickly moved from the trunk of the car to a factory in Fountain Valley, CA and then to our current factory in Vista, CA. As he grew, young John worked at Apollo after school, doing everything from stuffing envelopes to building spray guns. He joined his dad at trade shows, learned to answer the phones and meet our customers and eventually he assimilated every aspect of Apollo Sprayers. When John B. decided it was time to retire in 1998, John A. Darroch naturally stepped up to the plate to become President of Apollo Sprayers and has never looked back. John made it his mission to make Apollo innovative. The PRECISION-6®, the worlds most powerful turbine system. The AtomiZer®, is our award winning spray gun, which delivers enhanced True HVLP performance and flawless results with any make turbine or air compressor, 3HP/20 gallon (75 litre) tank or larger. The Handi Hold™ spray gun docking station allows you to hold or transport your spray gun in a vertical position with no risk of it falling over. John also engineered the full line of Green Machines, serving every type of finisher with every finishing need. John also pioneered HVLP turbines in the UV Sunless Tanning industry and now leads that industry with innovative cosmetic sprayers. If you are at the Oceanside, CA beach at 6 AM you might see President John A. Darroch riding a wave as he energizes himself for another exhilarating day at Apollo.