Pam Haskins is an accomplished creative finish artist in Georgia. Along with her husband, Rick, and their three rescued mastiffs, Pam owns 44 Marketplace and Creative Finishes by Pam. She is passionate about inspiring others to design finishes and furnishings to create the inviting, cozy homes of their dreams. From the tiniest sign to the most elaborate kitchen imaginable, she can make a masterpiece!

Pam has been a premier retailer for Dixie Belle Paint Company for over four years, all while creating her furniture finishes blog, Facebook group, and YouTube channel. This year, Pam will be hosting Creative
Finishes Boot Camps across the nation. Whether you are looking for creative finishes advice or need help growing your creative business, Pam is happy to help by offering Business Promotion and Organization courses. Her goal is to always inspire others! For more information, visit